The Elsir Constellation

Dearest sister,

I know that I need not lecture you incessantly on the history of our own home, but it is important that you are aware of certain things if this account is to make any sense to you. As you learned in school, our constellation surrounds the angel known as Elsir. It powers our magic, catchment field, and creates the effect known as “Reclamation”. This of course refers to how our constellation is perpetually in a state of wilderness, as settlements are consistently pushed back by rapidly changing terrain and monstrous appearances. This “Reclamation” is staved off by artifacts taken from the Angel, the Elsir Pitons. This large totems preserve an area around them from the Reclamation effect and it is because of them that Elsir is populated at all! Once, many years ago, many small towns dotted the plates, each with only a single Piton. Nowadays we have gathered many of the Pitons together to create our city, Valencia, on the plate known as the Vale. Perhaps I have gotten ahead of myself. You do remember about our plates, don’t you?

Plates of the Elsir Constellation

The most important plate is that of the city of Valencia, the Vale. In ages past it was dotted with hamlets and farmland and a couple notable towns but that was then. Now the city of Valencia and the suburbs dominate the plane. A modern city, Valencia is ruled by the elected Council and our Mayor, Azarr Brandt. In truth, Brandt has run the city for years. It is an open secret that the Council fears him and is his lapdog. I have been following his movements for some time, dear sister, but now is not yet the time.

The start of the tale I wish to tell begins in the plate known as the Westdeep, after the forest which makes up much of its shape. There used to be a ferry there for moving people and belonging’s off plate through the trade routes there but it was destroyed many years ago.

The marshland which makes up much of the Blackfens is all that remains of the plate of Rhest. This plate, in far ancient times, was the seat of a powerful kingdom that may have ruled over much of the constellation. What caused their collapse is unknown, but their technology is what created the airships, among other things.

Finally, the unexplored plate known as the Thornwaste has appeared in some of the records I have unearthed, but its involvement in the case is as of yet unknown. A desolate waste full of vicious monsters, it has been uninhabited for much of what history has been recorded in the libraries of Valencia.

Dear sister, I know that you are quite curious about my latest case but rest assured that all things will be revealed in time. For now, I must be off. There is a new wing of the Central Library that Brandt has yet to have his ruffians pore over. I may find new information of I hurry.

Your doting brother,

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The Elsir Constellation

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