Ranger Forces


You may remember the organization known as the Ranger’s from our city’s history. Early pioneers, they were the first wave of settlers. Armed and carrying Elsir Pitons, they sought to pacify the wilderness and expand where people could live in our constellation. After the Black Hand War, expeditions to the wilderness began to drop away. While the Rangers were instrumental to the Black Hand’s retreat, their forces were decimated. The governments of the time simply felt the effort was no longer worthwhile. Therefore, the Ranger Forces were folded into the regular armies of the Vale. When construction of Valencia began, the Rangers were already an old story.

This case, however, appears to revolve around a particular group of Rangers, the 3rd Regiment. Sent to the Westwood, they appear to have had the first contact with the Black Hand and were the most active of the forces arrayed against them. In particular, a small team (known in what records I have found as the “Dead Men”) was crucial in the war effort. I have detailed what I know about the Dead Men and the other Rangers below.

Dead Men

  • Incantus: A Sage who disappeared shortly in the records. Was noted as being “squishy”. Whether this refers to his body type or temperament is unknown.
  • Lexar: An individual noted as the sometimes leader of the group, wielder of a powerful artifact.
  • Pine Gallows: A shaman attached to the group after Incantus disappeared. Some records show her name in association with a sudden growth of plant life in the Thornwaste.
  • Schroedinger: I have found a name, but I cannot actually confirm his existence.
  • Bob: A simple name for the group’s marksman. Many of the records mentioning him abruptly end, suggesting they have been tampered with.
  • Gord: Supposedly a mountain of a man who sowed destruction and reaped death. Hmmm, many of these descriptions I have found seem rather… auto-biographical?

Rangers 3rd Battalion

*Commander Jack: Records show he was promoted to Commander due to death of a superior in battle. Unsure yet what happened to him when the Rangers disbanded.
*Captain Wood: Captain of the 3rd Battalion’s vanguard, he was a capable leader. Records show he died in the Battle of Brindol.

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Ranger Forces

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