Known Leaders of the Black Hand

Wyrmlord Koth – Led the garrison at a small keep in the Witchwood. Was supposed to lead the assualt on Drellin’s Ferry but was captured by the Dead Men. His fate is unknown.

Ozzyrandion – A young green dragon who guarded the bridge in the Witchwood. Retreated to the Hand after his defeat. Was unintentionally a source of information for the Dead Men for some time.

Wyrmlord Kharn – A powerful hobgoblin who led the Black Hand horde. Tremendous in size and power, he is said to have slain over a dozen Lion Guard during the Battle of Brindol. His death at the close of the battle is said to have given the Black Hand only a temporary pause.

Regirax – A young black dragon encountered at Lake Rhest. Was noted as being unique in his relationship with Wyrmlord Saarvith.

Wrymlord Saarvith – ?

The Lich Rheagar – A lich who based his operations in the Westdeep forest and Wyrmsmoke Mountains. Seems to have driven the Ranger Battalion back with his troops, no mean feat. Little other information has been found so far.

Known Leaders of the Black Hand

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