Legend of the Lich's Mountain

The Case Begins

Dear sister,

The game is afoot! I have finally cracked a lead in the case against Brandt. A new storehouse of records from before the founding of Valencia has been found. A small group, loyal to the city and not to Brandt, have preserved them for the public. It may be only a matter of time before he cracks down on them but that may be all I need. As you know, I have for some time theorized Brandt’s continues position as the de facto ruler of Valencia is related to our city’s founding, to some secret he has gone to great lengths to cover up. These records are from the time of the Black Hand War, when the Black Hand horde threatened to destroy the Vale. It wasn’t long afterwards that the many small towns and hamlets banded their forces into one community and began the process which created the city we know today.

While I have not found any evidence of the Founding, I have begun to unravel a fascinating tale. Many of the uncovered records have been written by one author, intent on chronicling the adventures of one particular group involved with the Black Hand War. Perhaps the answers I seek lie within their tale? Only time will tell.

Your brother,



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