Legend of the Lich's Mountain

The Blackfens

Dear sister,

To continue where I left before, I believe that the next theater of importance to our purpose was on another plate, the Blackfens. Here the ruins of Rhest awaited the Dead Men. Today there is nothing left because of the Reclamation effect but then I imagine the city itself was still largely intact, if sunken. The Dead Men destroyed a Black Hand barricade and pushed deeper into the fens. Here, it seems they hit tragedy: one of their member was slain by the ambush of a foul creature these notes refer to as a greenspawn, or perhaps harrow-blade. The beast had already claimed another’s life, as the survivors discovered when a tribe of wild elves descended upon them. It seems that the Dead Men were able to negotiate with these elves, the Tiri Kitor, and saw to the burial of their companion. They stayed with the elves only shortly before pressing onward.

On the shore of Lake Rhest it seems the Dead Men were forced to confront the meaning of that name: a mysterious stranger confronted them and forced herself upon them, one who seemingly inspired fear with her powerful magic and disturbing fascination with death. Their new ally’s intentions unknown, they struck out upon the lake and made ready to confront the Hand that had taken up residence on it.

I know that there is more to this part of the tale, but I was interrupted on my last visit to the archive by rumors that some of Brandt’s thugs were looking for people who had visited there. I believe it best I avoid them in the future, so please be patient, sister, as my research must be taken under the utmost caution. Fear not, as you know I have not forgotten what I learned during my lessons with you. I can take care of myself. I know that you would not want me to tally much longer writing pointless letters to you so I must away.

Your loving brother,



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