Legend of the Lich's Mountain

First Contact

Dear sister,

My search through these records has shown that first contact with the Black Hand, a horde of monsters which once threatened much of our constellation, was made by a Ranger group known as the Dead Men. The records aren’t clear but it seems that the enemy was routed at a small keep and driven from a nearby bridge. The bridge was destroyed to delay the brunt of the Hand’s approach, a tactic which bought the Rangers enough time to evacuate a nearby town. Because of this quick action, many lives were saved. In this endeavor the Dead Men had a great deal of help from friends and allies. They also learned the identities of some of the foes that hamper them. I have outlined this in more detail here: Main Page.

Specific details are scant, but it seems that this is where thins began. The direct connection to Valencia’s founding and Brandt is not yet clear but I will persevere in the hunt. I trust you are well and pray you take care of yourself. Rest assured that your brother will get to the bottom of this and restore some of the peace that Valencia sorely needs.

Your brother,



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