Legend of the Lich's Mountain

Bob's Log (23rd Entry)

Bob’s Log
23 (re-initialized to 0 since mass memory loss)

I seriously questioned my motives today (for the first time in my entire existence) while carelessly firing at yet another hideous monstrosity bent on killing me and my companions. I began to wonder why we were mercilessly hacking through our opponents as we tend to do. Were we not the invaders in this situation? For all we knew, these creatures had lived here for most of their pathetic lives and were just defending their home against an unprovoked attack! (No matter how ruined and altogether depressing their home was.) I quickly fell into despair as I thought about what blood thirsty monsters we had all become and gave up fighting.

Luckily, I came back to my senses when Gord, the clumsy buffoon that he is, smacked me with his battle ax and reminded me of why I do what I do every day. TREASURE. These suckers were living in an abandoned city in the middle of a lake! They were bound to have some loot and I was bound to claim it as my own. Unluckily, I was shortly thereafter attacked by a [CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED] DRAGON and I was humiliatingly beaten within an inch of my life. Luckily, the new comer to our group (who honestly scares the crap out of me) and Lexar patched me back up easily. Also, import to log at this point, was that today I have come closer to fulfilling my dream of owning the power stones than ever before. Today I ACTUALLY HELD THEM IN MY OWN TWO HANDS. It felt so good… so empowering. I must have them again!! I WILL have them again… That Gord can’t keep his eyes on them forever. He has to sleep at some point… I don’t care if it drives me mad, but I will have those stones when everything is said and done. Finally, there was something said about a Ghost Lord? Something something something? I am not really sure, I tend to zone out when my companions start to ramble on about ‘important’ sounding things, or really anything that doesn’t involve treasure for that matter.


The Blackfens

Dear sister,

To continue where I left before, I believe that the next theater of importance to our purpose was on another plate, the Blackfens. Here the ruins of Rhest awaited the Dead Men. Today there is nothing left because of the Reclamation effect but then I imagine the city itself was still largely intact, if sunken. The Dead Men destroyed a Black Hand barricade and pushed deeper into the fens. Here, it seems they hit tragedy: one of their member was slain by the ambush of a foul creature these notes refer to as a greenspawn, or perhaps harrow-blade. The beast had already claimed another’s life, as the survivors discovered when a tribe of wild elves descended upon them. It seems that the Dead Men were able to negotiate with these elves, the Tiri Kitor, and saw to the burial of their companion. They stayed with the elves only shortly before pressing onward.

On the shore of Lake Rhest it seems the Dead Men were forced to confront the meaning of that name: a mysterious stranger confronted them and forced herself upon them, one who seemingly inspired fear with her powerful magic and disturbing fascination with death. Their new ally’s intentions unknown, they struck out upon the lake and made ready to confront the Hand that had taken up residence on it.

I know that there is more to this part of the tale, but I was interrupted on my last visit to the archive by rumors that some of Brandt’s thugs were looking for people who had visited there. I believe it best I avoid them in the future, so please be patient, sister, as my research must be taken under the utmost caution. Fear not, as you know I have not forgotten what I learned during my lessons with you. I can take care of myself. I know that you would not want me to tally much longer writing pointless letters to you so I must away.

Your loving brother,

First Contact

Dear sister,

My search through these records has shown that first contact with the Black Hand, a horde of monsters which once threatened much of our constellation, was made by a Ranger group known as the Dead Men. The records aren’t clear but it seems that the enemy was routed at a small keep and driven from a nearby bridge. The bridge was destroyed to delay the brunt of the Hand’s approach, a tactic which bought the Rangers enough time to evacuate a nearby town. Because of this quick action, many lives were saved. In this endeavor the Dead Men had a great deal of help from friends and allies. They also learned the identities of some of the foes that hamper them. I have outlined this in more detail here: Main Page.

Specific details are scant, but it seems that this is where thins began. The direct connection to Valencia’s founding and Brandt is not yet clear but I will persevere in the hunt. I trust you are well and pray you take care of yourself. Rest assured that your brother will get to the bottom of this and restore some of the peace that Valencia sorely needs.

Your brother,

The Case Begins

Dear sister,

The game is afoot! I have finally cracked a lead in the case against Brandt. A new storehouse of records from before the founding of Valencia has been found. A small group, loyal to the city and not to Brandt, have preserved them for the public. It may be only a matter of time before he cracks down on them but that may be all I need. As you know, I have for some time theorized Brandt’s continues position as the de facto ruler of Valencia is related to our city’s founding, to some secret he has gone to great lengths to cover up. These records are from the time of the Black Hand War, when the Black Hand horde threatened to destroy the Vale. It wasn’t long afterwards that the many small towns and hamlets banded their forces into one community and began the process which created the city we know today.

While I have not found any evidence of the Founding, I have begun to unravel a fascinating tale. Many of the uncovered records have been written by one author, intent on chronicling the adventures of one particular group involved with the Black Hand War. Perhaps the answers I seek lie within their tale? Only time will tell.

Your brother,

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